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About Me

I am a certified health coach and personal trainer offering programs focused on weight loss, muscle development, and holistic nutrition. I believe health is so much more than just exercise and food, but encompasses your entire life.

It is easy with all of the responsibility of life to lose sight of the imports of self. Between work, family, and life's responsibilities, it is easy to nudge health and wellness to tomorrow's "to do" list. The problem arises when tomorrow never arrives.

Having grown up active, headstrong, and ambitious, I assumed my divine path was written; remain my same size from 17 on, continue eating whatever I wanted, work my way up in a corporate office, move to California, and live happily ever after in a boardroom. Oh if life were that simple!

Fast forward four years of anger, frustration, soul searching, one college degree, one personal trainer certification, and one holistic health certification, and here I am, on my path, with a passionate desire and focus on helping others develop their next level, whether it be career planning, lifestyle changes, or a higher level of fitness. Helping others dig in and acheive their goals is the only way I can dig in and acheive mine!