Hi, I’m Kathy

I’m a life coach, holistic health coach, and personal trainer.

Let me tell you why.

As a kid, I had this blind optimism, the world was at my feet. I knew I could conquer anything, do anything, be anything. You know, kids. 🙂 And lucky for me, I also knew what I was going to do and where I would be (corporate life and Cali dreamin’).

Fast forward to my early 20s and things changed. I still had the dreams of Cali board rooms, but I shifted from being the hey everyone look at me girl to the hide me in the back corner of the room girl. My light had gone out.

I had grown up being fit, thin, and athletic, but after high school, my physical activity went down and my weight ballooned up. Combine that with life stuff that happens, and my belief in self had just disappeared. I started to think, if I did this or that I’d finally be happy. I was relocated to Northern California where I finally felt home. I finally finished my college degree. But I still had lost my belief in self. Not only that, but these dreams that I thought I wanted, that job that was at the end of the rainbow, turned out that wasn’t the right fit for me either.

Um, I pretty much had a mid life crisis in my 20s! There was one point where I was so lacking in self love that I would only go to the grocery store late at night so I wouldn’t bother anyone. WHAT?!?!

Here’s what I learned from that part of my life. When you are lacking in self love, self respect, self confidence, you have two choices: accept the circumstances or change them.

I started with moving again. I did workout dvds, got on the treadmill, just moved. And then I attacked the weights. I didn’t necessarily know what I was doing, but I knew how lifting weights made me feel, and that is what mattered. I felt strong. I felt capable.

And because this isn’t a Hallmark movie, it wasn’t a five second turnaround and all of a sudden my joy came back. Weights brought a new life to me, but I still was unhappy at work. Stress and unhappiness weighed so heavily on me that I often found myself on the floor curled up in a ball from stomach pain when I was trying to get ready to go into the office. When I went to the doctor they gave me a prescription and said you’ll have to take this for the rest of your life.

Um, no thank you.

So I gave in and did something I had not really done before. I asked for help.

I found a coach that helped me get my mind right. She listened, asked questions, and helped me work through what was holding me back. She helped me identify my passions and what was truly important and aligned with who I was.

I was passionate about fitness because it gave me my power back. Not being skinny, but being strong, capable, and empowered.

And once I got that first personal trainer certification my confidence started to grow, and instead of taking daily meds, I went to the books and got my holistic health certification. I didn’t want to just teach people how to lunge or squat (although I do like a good booty woot woot), or what to or not to eat, but I wanted to teach the whole wellness package. We aren’t just food, we aren’t just fitness, we are a beautiful complex being.

And lastly, my coach helped change my life direction. She created space, guidance, and helped me find my way to living my life on purpose. And being a trainer, and working with women for hours every day, I am afforded a similar opportunity. We let our walls down, and we share life experiences. And so I took the next step and receiving my life coach certification. I want to be that conduit, that channel for someone else that my coach was for me.