Have you ever had a smooth easy going morning?

Let me clarify, have you ever had a smooth easy going morning…where you had somewhere to be at a certain time? Not one of those rare once a year Saturdays when you realized you accidentally didn’t fill up an hour of your morning with a to do, but a day when you had to get up, get ready, and get gone. If you always have the perfect morning, CONGRATS and please share your secrets, but if you don’t, read on.

A typical morning for me consists of getting up, squeezing in a workout (if I’m lucky), get showered and dressed, speed walk the dog, throw a piece of toast with pb (again, if I’m lucky) and a banana in my bag for breakfast, grab all of my trainer gear for job 2, and RUN out the door. It’s only then on my commute to the train that I realize, I have no healthy snacks or lunch options packed.

After way too many times of sprinting to Bart to try to miraculously make my Monday morning meeting (who schedules that, anyway?), it dawned on me, if this is how I start my day, rushing around, how on Earth do I expect to be able to catch my breath and focus for the rest of the day? When my morning is a mess, the rest of the day is a mess, my interactions with my coworkers are a mess, and then my clients are trained by a mess. And why? All because I didn’t make my bedtime ritual my morning success story.

So now it’s time to do some homework. Think through your typical morning routine. Can you think of three things that you do EVERY morning? Do you drink coffee? Do you make breakfast or pack a lunch? Pack up your work bag? This is so obvious and we all know to do it, but what if you made a little extra effort and prepped those things the night before? Is it possible?

I already hear the objections. No way do I have energy or time to do stuff the night before! Trust me, I hear ya! By the time I get home, it takes everything for me not to just say, the end, I’m over it. I literally do not let myself sit down until I’ve done my morning prep, because I know if I sit down for even a minute, there’s a slim chance I’ll get up and be productive again. And do you really have time and energy in the morning? How much better will you feel when, instead of running to dump the coffee grounds from yesterday out, grabbing all of the necessaries to make a fresh pot, you just walk over and push start?

What if you just pick three small itty bitty things that you know you have to do every morning, and get them ready the night before? Just for fun, to test the theory. My first three things were prepping the coffee, packing my work bags, and making sure the clothes for the morning were ready to go.

Tomorrow is a new month and a great chance to start new habits! Try it try it try it! What three things could you do tonight to make tomorrow just a teensy bit easier to handle? Go!