Do you have swagger?

Really quick, can you think of someone, celebrity or real life person, that has swagger? You know, the type of person that walks into a room and just owns it. They look good, they feel good, and everything about them exudes that confidence.

Have you ever wondered what makes someone feel that way?

Can I be honest for a moment?

For the last few months, I’ve been swagless (there is a huge chance I’m making that word up). In all honesty, it may even have been longer than that. How do I know?

Three questions to ask when diagnosing swagless living:

When you look in the mirror, what is your initial reaction? 

I am not talking about the whoa, that is some creative looking hair response. Let’s face it, we all have creative looking hairstyles in the morning. I mean, the gut reaction you have when you see what you’re working with. Do you have a Joey response (Friends reference) by nodding and saying, how you doin’? Or do you instantly start picking out the flaws you see, puffy cheeks, bags under the eyes, etc.


Confident Joey

If the Joey response isn’t your reaction, you my friend, may be suffering from swagless living.

Do you ever wear layers to cover up xxx body part?

I am not talking about just picking a t shirt versus a tank top, or covering up because of cold weather, or even picking clothing based on your body type. For those of you who have experienced what I am talking about, you can absolutely relate. You pick an item to deliberately to hide something you are not happy about on your body.

If you have ever worn a jacket to cover your stomach, long shirts to cover your bootay, baggy pants to cover up your legs, you may be suffering from swagless living.

Have you ever opted out of a social activity because you aren’t happy with xxx?

Okay this one may take a little more deep digging into your brain. This takes I’m having a fat day to a higher level. Have you ever avoided a social situation because you weren’t bringing your A game.

If you have, you may be suffering from swagless living.

Now I don’t want to suggest that if you don’t have the perfect body or perfect life that you can’t have swagger. I don’t mean that at all. But let’s be brutally honest and admit, when you’re not looking or feeling your best, it does impact all areas of your life.

When I am feeling on point, know that I’m doing alright in the nutrition department, or have just demolished a killer workout, you won’t find a more confident girl. I am naturally up for more challenges, more outgoing, and frankly easier to be around. The world is looking sunny.

When I am feeling less than, for whatever reason, life is a different story. And that is just me being real.

The question I’ve been asking for a hot minute is, how do I get my swagger back?

Step 1: Acknowledge

Because it is a gradual process/change, it is easy to ignore what is happening. But if you take some tune in time, you may be able to see the changes in the behavior. Is it the amount of times you’re declining social outings? Are you dreading the upcoming summer season because the thought of less layers is daunting? Have you noticed that your gumption has mysteriously disappeared?

When you see that a few small behaviors have changes, it makes addressing them, and the reason behind them, that much easier.

Step 2: Describe what your confident living looks like.

What does your most confident self look like, feel like, live like?

Think about compliments people have given in the past that made you puff up a bit. What kinds of compliments really added some pep to your step. Again, because my current world revolves around healthy lifestyle, when I hear things like “nice muscles” or “you’re really strong”, because those support what the most confident version of myself has achieved, that’s what makes me puff up the most. For you, it will be completely different.

If you’re having a hard time picturing that version of yourself, try thinking about the people you say and take notice of in your day to day. What is it about them that you are drawn to? Do you see that people around them are naturally at ease? Do they have a high energy level that gets everyone around them excited? Are they always put together and dressed to impress?

Step 3: Reverse Engineer, one step at a time.

After picturing your confident, swagger filled self, and describing the characteristics around that person, start to reverse engineer achieving those goals. What small steps could you do today to help you reach that goal? I often ask my nutrition clients, when they first get started, what three small changes could you start making today? And they can always pop them off almost immediately.

I can stop eating bags of cookies every night.

I could cut down on the pizza.

I bet I could drink more water and less soda.

I say small changes because those are the types of changes that will make long lasting results. When you make a full overhaul, a detox, a strict 2 week meal plan, those types of things, unless implemented with a supplemental plan, won’t last. But if you pick small changes, and implement new ones week over week after you’ve mastered the last one, your long term plan will deliver your long term results.

So are you ready to get your swagger back? Is it time to make a few changes that help you achieve your next level?

Go on, get it.

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Believer in you,



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» Libby said: { Apr 4, 2016 – 04:04:50 }

Great timing on the swagger subject. I was feeling pretty good, improving on my work outfits cause, honestly, was starting to slack. I like looking nice, and then to be told, “nice shoes” well that will add a little swagger. But something hit me right smack dab on the head. I went to a party and really enjoyed myself with my husband, my son, some grands and good friends. BUT i took a picture with a friend of my daughter’s and man did i NOT like what I saw. Where did i go off the beaten path of eating well and being active. SO i showed my husband the picture and said, you see this? this is now my before picture. I got up the next morning, early went to the grocery store and cooked a healthy meal. Swagger is on its way back, one day at a time, one meal at a time, one workout at a time. It is on now Mr. Swagger!! You don’t scare me. Bring it!