First of all, please tell me someone just heard the muffin man tune in their heads with that last sentence…because I cannot get it out of mine.

Continuing on.

When you think of your weight, do you really know what that number should be? There are so many different numbers out there that you could choose from! Doctor’s offices have charts with weight ranges, personal trainers talk about ideal weight or body mass index (BMI), and then of course there is your own personal goal weight, which may or may not have any logical foundation at all.

So I ask again, do you know your happy weight? What is a happy weight anyway?

Toes with weight

Your happy weight is not the scientific number, and it’s also not necessarily the number in your head, but really a combination of factors.

What number would have to show up on the scale for you to wake up and think, eh not bad, when you first look in the mirror?

What number does your body maintain when you eat a reasonably clean diet and are able to fit in 4-5 days of exercise in a given week? No deprivation, no extreme double workouts, just healthy livin’?

THAT, my friend, is your happy weight.

Now, why do you even care about your happy weight? Let me tell you. So many people these days have this crazy unrealistic number that would give them their “ideal body”, with no foundation supporting that number. All this this equates to is negative body image, frustration, deprivation diet and consequently binge eating, and a whole other jumble of stress.  Who needs that anyway? Not me.

So tomorrow, if you wake up in the morning and think, ugh, I need to lose 1,000 lbs., be kind, rewind, and go to your happy place. You may still need to lose weight or make changes, but at least when you achieve that goal, you can maintain that without stress, mess, and unhappiness.

So I ask again…do you know your happy weight, your happy weight, your happy weight…