Just move.

Have you ever heard of, or discovered your workout personality?

Let me start by stating the obvious. Not everyone loves to work out. I have been training for years, and yes, my clients have hammered it into my head that when I say just for fun, they hear just for torture. 🙂

So how do you make yourself go to the gym when you really dread it?

“I really believe what I teach, fun fitness real results.”

Here’s the deal. In order to commit to a regular workout, you have to enjoy that workout.

Ask yourself:

When I was a kid I loved to…?

Do I like to workout with friends?

Do I prefer group classes?

Will I be more committed on my own?

Music or no music?

Weights? Circuit? Yoga? Oh my!

Hey friend, these are your choices! And finding the right solution for you is paramount to your success. This may sound odd coming from a personal trainer, but going to the gym and lifting free weights is not the right solution for everyone. Whhhaattttt?

It’s true. I have had several clients that do not enjoy just lifting weights, so we set a workout to the beat of a song, use resistance bands, mix it up with circuits so they feel more energized when they leave than when they came in.

So step 1 on your fitness journey, find out what will energize you.