Can we get real for a moment? I’m a bottom line kind of girl.

There is no one size fits all diet. One book will say eat high protein, the next will say high fat, and don’t forget carb cycling! Eating healthy can be SO confusing.

So here’s my theory:

“Everybody is different because every body is different.”

When working with wellness clients, I do not tell them what to eat. We start with a baseline of clean eating, and then work from there to figure out what is best for them (you) and your lifestyle. What is your schedule like? Do you need simple food (me) or do you love to cook (definitely not me)?

Even more than that, we work together to identify eating patterns, and ways to change those patterns.

Eating is about so much more than food. When we struggle with food it is important to look into the why more than the what.

Why are we reaching for those late night snacks? Why do we need that glass of wine? What is going on inside that is causing us to reach for something outside?

When you learn to understand you, and what makes you feel better, that is wellness. That is bioindividuality.