What happy clients say

I LOVE working with Kathy because she’s cool and easy and fun. Oh, and Kathy’s a great trainer. ?
— Kris
How could I possibly describe someone who has changed my life so immensely? I reached out to a bunch of personal trainers and couldn’t find a single person I wanted to work with until I met Kathy. After a year with her, I moved thousands of miles away and still work out with her 5-6x a week via Skype. Not only do I love the personalized workouts she builds for me, but I look forward to seeing her every day because of how much she makes me laugh (even while pouring sweat). I am in the best shape of my life and Kathy is the reason why. I may work hard, but she inspires me to do so. I enjoy every session and have even learned to actually like eating healthy and cooking up new recipes to keep on top of her recommendations. If you’re looking for a lifestyle change or just someone to help you get to where you want to be, Hart for Health is the way to go. Seriously.
— Camille
Sometimes forget you are working out
Kathy actually makes personal training fun! She is so knowledgeable, funny, upbeat and her energy is contagious. You feel like you are working out with a long time friend and sometimes even forget you are working out (even though you are working.. very hard). She explains everything, is patient, kind, and the best trainer I have ever partnered with!
— Celia
Still paying off!
I was disappointed when I had to stop working out with Kathy when I moved out of the area. Her workouts were always fun, energetic, and had just the right amount of "that's really hard!" She was also flexible, which was important with my job, and even created workouts for me to use on vacation free of charge. In fact, when work was recently so busy I was not able to get regular workouts in, I pulled up one of her old vacation workouts and was able to knock it out in a half hour at home-working out with Kathy is still paying off!
— Kirsten